Tube parts

Typically, thin-walled tubes with a diameter of Ф 6-83 mm, in various shapes and sizes

We expand, reduce, thread punch, bend and weld tubes with various technologies to fit them for their use. Also, we test them hyrdaulically on request.

Surface treatments can be brushing (discharging), dip-pickling, glass bead blasting, or electropolishing.

Machine parts

A wide range of baking, cooking, bakery and other food industry machine parts.

We deliver products requiring high precision manufacturing in compliance with food industry regulations, focusing on cleanability and on the aesthetic appearance of parts that will be installed in visible places.

Glass bead blaster

Surface treatment with glass bead blasting, solely for products made of stainless steel.

Glass bead blasting as a surface treatment technology is widely used in the food industry, interior designing, and anyplace where stainless materials are installed.

With this technology, silky surfaces can be created, which removes temper tinting and minor surface imperfections.

Water jet cutting

Due to its technological characteristics, virtually any material can be cut!

Abrasive water jet cutting.
Typically, the cutting is made by a precisely flowing, speed of sound water jet that contains abrasive material.
The cutting is computer-controlled.

- max.: cutting range: 1500 - 3000 mm;

- max.:cuttable thickness: 100 mm;

- pressure: 3000 bar;

- tolerances: + 0,2 mm conicity - per 10 mm thicknesses;

- ± 0,4 mm + kúposság, hosszirányban.

± 0,4 mm + conicity, longitudinally.

Cold store accessories

Hanging hooks, typically welded on a hollow section frame, in variuos length and diameter.

The high carrying capacity hooks are placed in holes that are welded on both sides for strong hold.

The joints are porosity-free in order of good cleanability.

Surface treatments are on request brushing (welding colours), dip-pickling, or electropolishing.


Made of different diameter circular steel, basically welded after bending.

The grilles can be made of the most common food industry KO33 material or more heat resistant, more valuable stainless material to fit the user’s need.

We are prepared for the special welding technologies of these products.

Surface treatment is mostly electropolishing.

Glass bead blasting, water jet cutting, air technology manufacturing

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